Oversize & Fright Items

Oversize & Fright Items

The maximum weight permissible for any one bag or item is 32kg. Passengers who have luggage weighing in excess of this will be required to split their luggage. If the passenger does not have an additional bag, boxes of varying sizes car be purchased from Seal & Go supplier located close to the check-in hall.

Most airlines have size and weight restrictions for check-in and hand baggage. Excess baggage will be charged by weight and oversize bags may not be permitted on board. Airlines also have restrictions on the number of items of luggage permitted. Please check this information with your airline before your trip.

Oversize Baggage

Oversized Luggage / Out of Gauge:

The oversized luggage counter is situated close to the Visa Cancellation Office. Once checked in, the passenger will have to obtain a tag for his/her oversized luggage from the counter staff and proceed to the oversized luggage counter to drop off the luggage. The bag will then be transported to the aircraft.

Salalah Airport also has a designated Baggage Repacking Area at the end of Check-In counter Zone A, where passengers can re-pack their bag if it is not matching with the Baggage policies. The ground marking to reach the Baggage Repacking area is also done in and around the Check-In counters.