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To and From Airport

Access Road


Salalah Airport is located 10 km KM from Salalah City Centre, giving it a strategic central location to the surrounding places of interest in the city. The Airport is easily reachable from the East and West of Salalah City via the AtinRoad. It is accessible from this main road through the Airport flyover. The Airport is surrounded by the Ittin plain and the magnificent range of Dhofar Mountains, which turn into lush green during the monsoon, locally known as Khareef. The Salalah Festival Grounds, Concerts Amphitheatre, Lulu Shopping Mall and Salalah Gardens Mall are only some of the landmarks located near the airport.

Reaching the airport from West/Salalah side

Passengers coming from Salalah can directly proceed to Al Rabat Street originating from 23rd July Road/Al Nahda Street. This will lead to a famous landmark, which is Salalah Gardens Mall. Follow the exit to Atin flyover towards the right, it will lead to Atin Road. At the first roundabout, turn right to arrive at Salalah Airport.

Reaching Airport from East/Dhariz/Sadah side

Passengers coming from Al Sadah should proceed to the Thumrait Road. This will lead to an important landmark, which is Dhofar University. At the Dhofar University roundabout, take the exit towards the West, this will lead to 18th November road. Take the Airport exit at the end of 18th November road to arrive at Salalah Airport.


Pickup and Drop-off

Pickup & Dropoff

The Airport has two designated areas for vehicles pick-up and drop-off. The upper forecourt area is located at the arrival and departure, level 1 and the lower forecourt area is located at the apron level. Passengers, meeters and greeters, as well other airport users have a grace period of 15 minutes in these two areas, beyond which fees will be applied. Unattended vehicles parking for longer durations exceeding three hours in the drop-off and pickup areas may be towed-away at the expense of the vehicles'owners.

Special Dedicated Lanes

Salalah Airport has been designed in such a way as to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure a smooth traffic flow to and from the airport. In order to achieve this, the forecourt area has been divided into three lanes.

  • Lane 1: Special Assistance (PRM), Ambulance, VIPs, and Taxi.

  • Lane 2: For private and public cars.

  • Lane 3: For buses and hotel cars.

Where Can I Drop-off Passengers?
  • Salalah Airport provides a drop-off facility at both the upper and lower forecourt areas.

  • Vehicles that come to the upper and lower forecourt to drop-off passengers are only permitted to stay for free for the first 15 minutes.

    • Vehicles staying for more than 15 minutes will have to pay an overstay parking fee.

  • Trolleys along with porters are available throughout the forecourt areas to assist passengers.

Overstay parking charges in the drop-off zone/forecourt

The forecourt zone should only be used for drop-off and pick up purposes, cars parked in these areas for more than 15 minutes will have to pay overstay parking charges as indicated in the table below:


0-15 Minutes

16-30 minutes

31-60 minutes

61-90 minutes



OMR 1.000

OMR 3.000

OMR 6.000

For every additional hours OMR 3.000 will be added to the previous charges.

Overstay parking charges in the drop-off zone/forecourt

The forecourt zone should only be used for drop-off and pick up purposes, cars parked in these areas for more than 15 minutes will have to pay overstay parking charges as indicated in the table below:

For every additional hour, OMR 3.000 will be added to the previous charges.

Where can I pick up Passengers?

To avoid delays at the airport, please check the flight status of your desired incoming flight using our flight information section on the main website or from Oman Airports Mobile app before leaving for the airport.

Family, friends, and well-wishers are permitted to enter the terminal building to wait for arriving passengers and welcome them in the upper and lower forecourt designated areas within the permitted grace period of 15 minutes, beyond which overstaying parking fees will apply as stated above.

Passengers can be picked up at the curbside of the arrival area also called meet and greet area in the terminal building. Cars can be parked either in the upper or lower forecourt areas for free for the first 15 minutes, beyond which overstaying parking fees will be charged and need to be paid at the automatic pay machine available at level zero in the terminal building as well as in the curbside, and the exit of the upper forecourt. Alternatively, family, friends, and well-wishers can park their vehicles in the shaded paid parking zones P1 & P2.


Car parking

Car Parking

Parking is available for all airport users whether you are travelling by yourself, picking up or dropping-off passengers, or visiting for business.
It is located in front of the passenger terminal building at level zero. 
It has a capacity of 1,975 spaces. 
Parkings P1 and P2 can be used for short-term, mid-term and long-term parking. 
Facilities: For customer comfort, the entire passenger car park area has been shaded and is located very close to the terminal building.

Automatic Pay Machines

The car park areas P1 and P2 have pay machines placed at convenient locations. These machines accept various denomination of Omani Rial. After paying the parking fee, they can proceed to the exit section, enter the parking ticket and then the exit barrier will open. The grace period after paying the parking charges is 10 minutes.

Car Park Assistance

The car park staff are available 24 hours a day to provide assistance to passengers.
Contact Car Park Office: +968 2336 7541 or +968 2336 7540

Parking Zone P1 and P2 charges

Zone Duration Fee
P1 and P2 (Shaded car park zone)
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes
1 Day
2 Days
3 Day
4 Days
5 Day
Following day
R.O 0.500
R.O 1.000s
R.O 1.500
R.O 2
R.O 2
R.O 4
R.O 6
R.O 8
R.O 10
R.O 2 per day



The taxi office is located at the forecourt area outside the arrival terminal building (eastern side) in level 1. All you need to do is to walk towards the car park and taxi management office and provide your destination address. They will guide you through the entire process, including confirming the taxi fare and giving a slip containing your travel details.


Car Rental


Salalah Airport provides its passengers with a number of car rental options. Vehicles can be hired from one of the various car rental counters located in level zero.

Car Hire

Car Rentals Companies Counters

Renting a car in Oman is the best way for you to see it. The rental desks are conveniently located in the public arrivals’ concourse of the terminal in level zero or the apron level. Details of the car rental companies are listed below. It is recommended to book your car before landing in Oman in order to avoid any disappointment concerning the availability of your choice of car. This is particularly applicable for all SUVs.


All the rent-a-car counters are located in level zero. This area is accessible by entering the main passenger terminal building from the ground floor via the shaded car park P1 and P2 or while leaving the airport building from the ground floor.


For pre-booking and enquiries, please contact the taxi management office on: +968 2336 7541 or: +968 2336 7540.



Al Etihad (Contact +968 2336 7182)


Avis (Contact +968 2336 7181)


Europcar (Contact +968 2336 7186)


Dollar (Contact +968 2336 7180)


Speedy (Contact +968 2336 7183)


Al Maha (Contact +968 2336 7184)


Budget (Contact +968 2336 7193)

Bahwan Travel (Contact +968 23367192)

Best rent a car – 4x4 (Contact +968 23367185)

Alamo Enterprise (Contact +968 23367194)


Please note that the above-mentioned numbers are subject to change. To ensure the availability of services, please proceed to the counter directly.


Courtesy Bus

Many hotels and tour operators run courtesy buses to and from the airport for their guests. After baggage reclaim and customs clearance, arriving passengers are met at the arrivals forecourt area, Please arrange for courtesy buses directly with your hotel or tour operators prior to travelling.

There is a designated spot for the Mwasalat busses that picks and drops the passengers from the Airport to the city and vice versa. The bus is available every 30 minutes (subject to change). For further information on the rates/routes, please click the link below:


For pre-booking and enquiry, please contact the taxi management office on: +968 2336 7541 or +968 2336 7540.