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Oman Airports Hosts “Oman and the Sea” Exhibition at Salalah Airport

72 photos were displayed at the departure terminal. Oman Airports is hosting “Oman and The Sea” photography exhibition at the departure terminal of Salalah Airport during the period 24-28 July. The exhibition is organized as part of the company’s celebrations of Khareef Salalah season. The exhibition translates Oman Airports vision “Gateways t..

New fee for manual baggage handling at Muscat Airport

4 - July 2018 Oman Airports has decided to impose charges on certain specific luggage handled manually at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport effective from 15th July 2018. This decision was undertaken to reduce the handling of certain luggage because of their size and weight, which get difficult for the luggage handling system, leading to damage or ..